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Ways to become a teambuilder

Ways to become a teambuilder


Communication is a key skill and the very foundation for human interaction.  Often the lack of communication (and other) skills can potentially lead to conflict. Therefore, profound communication skills are the base for a healthy and successful personal as well as professional life. It is important to keep in mind that communication skills do not exclusively refer to spoken language but also include a person’s body language.


What is motivation? The Cambridge Dictionary describes ‘motivation’ as the willingness, reason, or enthusiasm to do something. Hence, if someone does not understand ‘why’ he / she is supposed to act or do a task, he / she is not likely to be motivated to work.

Planning Skills

There are several actions involved, a person is good at planning when he / she has a good overview of the tasks and steps that need to be taken. Good planners, research and structure an action or event. They look at the bigger picture and not exclusively at what is happening now. Good planners try to forecast what will take place and anticipate where problems may arise. They often visualize a setting and situations.

Organizational Skills

In comparison to the skill ‘planning’, ‘organizational skills’ can be described as putting ideas into action or taking action. Organizational skills focus more on the execution of the planning made beforehand. Therefore, organizational skills include workflows and time management of tasks and events. For example, if a plan or structure must be adapted, the ability to assess the situation, spontaneously prioritize or change priorities comes into action.