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Ways to develop social awareness and ethical conscience

Ways to develop social awareness and ethical conscience


Positivity is seeing opportunity on individual level to make a difference, the practice of being or tendency to be positive and optimistic in attitude.


Being cooperative is willing to help or do what people ask and to make it together with others onwards achieving a common goal. Effective teamwork in the workplace helps drive the organization toward success, to be cooperative is one of essential skills for the team members.

Social Skills Management

Social skills are used to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and personal appearance. Managing these skills are essential as many persons struggle with social skills, and this can happen for a variety of reasons.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are traits that enable people to assess both kinds of situations and calmly identify solutions. Problem solving is all about using logic, as well as imagination, to make sense of a situation and come up with an intelligent solution. Problem-solving abilities are connected to several other skills.