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Start by taking this quiz in order to give you the guidelines of where you stand right now.

Ways to become a Teambuilder

A team builder appreciates each learner’s uniqueness as a person and learner. A team builder allows students/learners to work together towards learning aims. A team builder who is true to team ideology understands that team members succeed and fail in their learning together, not as individuals. A team builder supports teams by helping them to focus on the strengths and abilities of each team member. They also support teams as a work unit. Teamwork is an important learning aim in career-related and entrepreneurial education. Team builder values (and assesses) the teamwork process as well as the other (maybe subject based) content learning results of the team.

Ways to become a leader

A leader takes responsibility of their own work and behaviour. A leader understands that we all learn more from examples than from orders or guidelines given to us.  A leader can delegate decision making power, but not responsibility.  A leader also solves or takes active part in solving arguments and conflicts within their own staff/ group of learners in a way that is in line with the values and operating principles of the group/organization.

Ways to become an influencer

An influencer advocates universal social values rather than values of their own culture and ethnicity. An influencer expresses these values in their work.  They will also actively seek ways of learning that develop understanding and appreciation of all mankind.  

Ways to foster social awareness

Fosterer of social awareness and ethical conscience is open to critique from students/learners about things, that somehow exclude or create feeling of otherness. These can be processes, explicit/implicit values, teaching materials or traditions for instance. An ethically alert educator understands that they are using power in most of their actions as an educator. They will wish to use this power in a way that makes decision processes transparent and fair. If an educator accepts excluding or unfair behaviour in themselves, they will at the same time make it acceptable in other positions of power.